Subject Re: BDE to IBO Conversion
Author Jim Taylor
> AFAIK it should all be working fine. If not, please help me to
isolate what
> is happening.

Sorry guys,

I discovered the problem lies elsewhere:

The TIBOQuery object in question is implemented on an Asta server
data module and is accessed from the client via an Asta provider
object. I had incorrectly assumed that the provider would pass the
dataset (constructed from a socket stream from the client) to the
TIBOQuery object for updates, deletes & inserts. It turns out that
the Asta provider is using the TIBOQuery SQL for opens only and then
doing the updates on a scratch TIBOQuery with the provider's own
divined SQL construction. I would have found this out sooner had I
looked at the call stack on the SQL exception.