Subject Re: [IBO] InfoTreeGrid
Author Geoff Worboys
> GW> I recently purchased the source to their InfoTreeGrid
> I had a look at it: seems great!
> Is it working fine with TIBOQuery ?

I did try a simple example with TIBOQuery but ran into difficulty. I
have not had time to discuss this with Dream Company but my initial
guess at the cause of the problem is...

My current development work is with IB6 dialect 3. This means that
almost all my tables have int64 based primary keys. Variant does not
support int64 at this time. AFAICT the TDataset based InfoSet for use
with with InfoTreeGrid uses Variant for much of its work - and this
leads to problems when the primary keys (and hence the parent linkage)
is int64 based.

IMPORTANT: I COULD BE WRONG! I dont use TIBOQuery much myself and so
my investigation was not very extensive in that regard. I've been
spending my time trying to create my own TIB_Dataset InfoSet.

I recommend you try it out and see if you get any problems. If int64
does cause a problem I am sure the people at Dream Company will find a
way to solve it - they are almost as good as Jason :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing