Subject Re: ANN: Making old databases conform to new metadata
We'll put a screen shot on the web site.

It handles dependencies pretty well, and does things in the right
order. It also handles dependencies embedded within select statements
inside computed fields inside tables.

This is a utility to do a particular job, and once done, you may not
need it again until your next version update in a year or so. It's
not like a component which I can semi-disable, and I can't make it
undo all the changes at the end of the demo. Is the IB developer
community really so trustworthy that we can distribute fully
functional demo versions and then expect everyone to pay after the

Instead, you can pay for it, download it, and then, if you can
demonstrate that it doesn't work, we'll refund your money.

--- In, "Rob Schuff" <robertsc@t...> wrote:
> roger,
> how about some screen shots and a trial version? What about
> does it perform changes in the correct order?
> thanks
> rob