Subject IB_Grid Refresh
Author Bram
Hi, test my application over an ISDN Line to see how the speed works. It's
for me a kind of Internet Benchmark... As usual the less data is transferd
the quiker the application will react:

I have a ib_query that will produce about 800 rows with only data that will
be shown with an ib_grid. If I add a new row I need to refresh the query to
get the new data in. Is there a more clever way to handle this problem? I
don't want to transport all 801 rows over the line again. I only want to get
the new data to show up in the grid. One way is afcours to limit the data.
But on a normal 100MB network connection 800 rows is not a problem. I don't
want to end up with 2 different programs or user interfaces...

Thanks for your input.