Subject RE: [IBO] ColumnAttributes Bug - Jason
Author Brian Dunstan

> >So now I am in the awkward position of having completed the
> tedious task of
> >changing some 600 source files to use Boolean definitions....
> Why not just override the anomalous ones at dataset level?
> You have to do
> this with stored procedure datasets and parameters in any
> case, since IB
> doesn't support domains in SPs.

Well, I was trying to simplify things by centralizing the settings. Maybe it
was not as good an idea as it first seemed :-)

> OTOH, if you don't use a domain at all for Booleans, why do
> you need to try
> and force it at connection level?
> Or, if you are using an arbitrary mixture of domain-driven and ad hoc
> Boolean indicators, one has to wonder why...

No need to wonder, lack of standards and multiple people working on the DDL
over the past 6 years is why.

Since I am changing all of the source for BDE -> IBO conversion I thought it
would be a good idea to standardize all of the Booleans in the source. Maybe
we will also straighten out the DDL after we have moved to IB6.
I find this sort of inconsistency very irritating, which is why I started
this ting in the first place.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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