Subject getting started with IBO
Author Dan Haugland
As a new IBO user I figured the Getting Started Guide would be the best bet to get up to speed quickly. 
So I started by trying to connect a TIB_Connection to my database by following the instructions and was immediately thwarted.  I suspect I have missed something reasonably obvious to those in the know, so here are the properties I am setting:
    databasename: d:\ib\ibtest.gdb 
    alias : test
I think the GSG has mislabeled these as database and databasename.
    server: empty
    protocol: cpLocal
    path d:\ib\ibtest.gdb
    username: sysdba
    password: masterkey
  Setting connected:true  yields a "cannot open file" error.   I have tried myriad variations on the central theme and still missed the mark.  Anybody else see the problem?

Dan Haugland
Spectrum Data Solutions