Subject Re: [IBO] OrderLinks with multi join
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:32 PM 15-11-00 +0800, you wrote:
>How is it possible to use OrderingLinks to define sort order on multiple
>columns of the same name.
>select a.desc first_desc, b.desc second_desc from main x
>join descriptions a on = x.id1
>join descriptions b on = x.id2;
>I want the user to be able to search on a.desc or b.desc, but I can't figure
>out the OrderingItems syntax that will allow it. I can arrange for the
>initial sort to use a.desc or b.desc OK, but the grid does not recognize
>that either column can be ordered, so the user can't change the order by
>clicking on the title bar.
>Any help gratefully appreciated,

I believe you had a preview copy of the Getting Started Guide.

Please look at the section TIB_* Controls | Bars | TIB_SearchBar and
TIB_SearchPanel, in the section "Setting Properties for Ordering", which
demonstrates the syntax for the Ordering settings and how they work
together. See also Datasets|TIB_Dataset Components|Dataset State|Searching
for other angles on the Ordering settings.


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