Subject Re: [IBO] ISAPI DLL under Win2k?
Author Jason Wharton

> Yes, I am. That does explain things.
> I guess for now we'll continue to eval IBO for our non-ISAPI applications
> hope that it will work in our ISAPI apps as well.
> Are there known limits when using IBO in ISAPI DLLs (such as maximum
number of
> users connected -- which is a problem for the BDE, if I'm not mistaken)?

No problems here.

> Also,
> our ISAPI DLLs projects create TQuery objects on-the-fly -- will this
still work
> (using TIBOQuery components) or will there be issues (such as how to
> the TIB_Session with the temporary TIBOQuery object -- which we do for our
> counterparts)?

If you create them on the fly don't use a nil owner in the create method.
Pass in the TIB_Session object for the session module as the owner and you
should be fine.

> Anyhoo, I'll nudge my boss to see if he can buy a couple of copies of IBO
> that we can try using this to do development for ISAPI as well.

Sounds great!

> Thanks for the very quick response,

You are welcome!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ