Subject Suggestions for 4.0
Author Kaputnik
Hi Jason,

one suggestion from me for the next version:

The IB_connection can hold much pre-prepared stuff for the Datasets like
Displaylabels, Alignment and so on.
As I always work with custom hints for my datasets (I have stringlists for
two languages for my dual-language-apps) it would be a great help, if I
could define custom hints (for the IBOBars and so on) at the
connection-level. For now, i have to replace the stringlist for every
Dataset in my app, when the user changes the language, what can be very
cumbersome. A centralized repository for the hints to be used as default
when the hints of the dataset are empty would be really cool.
I know, that I can change the hints in the Constants.pas, but that won't
help me for multi-lang-apps.

Thanx for the attention and
CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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