Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Suggestions for New version the IBO 4.0
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Just a comment I forgot to do in my last reply...

In true, you do not miss all the IB_Query power since you can access
almost all of its property and methods using the InternalDataset
property... what you really miss is the power of the native controls, like
the incrementalsearch control.


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CHC> I talked about this with Jason some time ago... he told me that he was
CHC> thinking about this integration in a future release... as you, I suggested
CHC> the link between the InternalDataset and the native controls, but he told
CHC> me that it would not be that simple...

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PHA>> I've done a small test:

PHA>> I've atributed the Dataset property of the TIB_DataSource component the value of InternalDataset property of the TIBOQuery component, and it worked reasonably.

PHA>> The biggest problem I've verified was in synchronous between TIB_Query and TIBOQuery.

PHA>> Jason, I would like that you think of the possibility of developing a TIBOQuery componet that could be compatible with VCL, but without losing TIB_Query's power, and that could also be accessed
PHA>> by the TIB_ components, through internal TIB_Query that it owns, I believe that it would complete IBO even more, doesn't matter how much work it would take.

PHA>> Best regards!


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