Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestions for New version the IBO 4.0
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I talked about this with Jason some time ago... he told me that he was
thinking about this integration in a future release... as you, I suggested
the link between the InternalDataset and the native controls, but he told
me that it would not be that simple...


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PHA> I've done a small test:

PHA> I've atributed the Dataset property of the TIB_DataSource component the value of InternalDataset property of the TIBOQuery component, and it worked reasonably.

PHA> The biggest problem I've verified was in synchronous between TIB_Query and TIBOQuery.

PHA> Jason, I would like that you think of the possibility of developing a TIBOQuery componet that could be compatible with VCL, but without losing TIB_Query's power, and that could also be accessed
PHA> by the TIB_ components, through internal TIB_Query that it owns, I believe that it would complete IBO even more, doesn't matter how much work it would take.

PHA> Best regards!


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