Subject .RecordCount doesn't have the same functionality as with BDE
Author Kurt Bilde
Hi All !

I'm porting a BDE application from BDE to Interbase.

I've been told and expirenced that the TIBOTable's RecordCount doesn't have the same functionality as TTable.RecordCount. TIBOTable's RecordCount shows only the RecordCount at connection time and not during the applications lifetime (if added one record then RecordCount + 1 ect.). Then somebody told me that If I needed then accurate row count I could either call fetchall or I could cast it to TIBODataset and it will figure out the true count of records by running a count statement on the server for me.

Well .FetchAll doesn't work (and I can't figure out what the person ment with "cast to IBODataset") and I can't see how .FetchAll reflect filtering.

As I understand it I need a primary key to be able to insert?
Then I could use a TIB_Query with the .Refresh metode to solve my problem, couldn't I?. Some of my table doesn't have a primary key and this was solved in Paradox by using a AutoIncrement field. But how do I create this kind variable in Interbase (type) and with IBO(assigning the uniq number to the field)?