Subject RE: [IBO] POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the TI B_Grid?
Author Brian Dunstan

> One of them is to remove that partial row that hangs out at
> the bottom of
> the grid. The TDBGrid has it such that it only shows full
> rows and leaves
> the normal background color instead of part of a row. As I
> imagine this was
> intentional on their part after giving it a lot of thought and
> consideration, I wonder if you folks would like me to have it
> behave in the
> same manner.

IMHO, the real problem with this is that some in-expert users view the grid
and think that they are viewing all the rows, why else would there be blank
space (background color) below the bottom row? I think it is a serious UI
usability issue.
My preferences for dealing with it are:
1) Show a little of the next row. If it is selected then it should scroll up
a little so the whole row can be seen.
2) Adjust the grid height so rows fit perfectly.
3) Adjust row height for a perfect fit. My concern with this option is that
it might not look good if embedded graphics (buttons or glyphs) don't fit
the rows perfectly.

The other thing I would really like to see it the ability for a reverse
order grid. That is, display rows from the bottom up. On opening the
DataSet, position on the last record (which is placed on the bottom row of
the grid) and work backwards.
The reason I want this is because many times I use the grid rows to
represent a paper list. It is normal to add things to the bottom of a paper
list, but we are usually most interested in the last thing on the list.
As things are now, I think I could define a descending index and fetch
first, but then the first record would be at the top of the grid, whereas it
is more intuitive for it to be at the bottom.

My 2c worth :-)


> For that matter, are there any other capabilities that need
> to be added into
> the grid? Now's the time to ask...
> I will be anxious to get some of you involved in v4 BETA
> testing. I hope
> those that are interested will let me know privately and I
> will set you up
> with the new sources, etc.
> There is some exciting stuff already in the finishing stages.
> For one, a
> long sought milestone ever since starting this whole project!
> It's that last
> item that the BDE still did better than IBO and now I'll be
> leaving it all
> 100% in the dust.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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