Subject How to refresh a Lookup dataset
Author Clément Doss

I am using IBO 3.6Be, Win2k Pro (SP1) and D5.01 E

I have 5 tables placed on a Data Module.
One of them is a Master table, the other are tables
used to lookup. The lookup tables have the follow structure

ID_Field Integer PK (Generator)
DS_Field varchar(30) Not Null

In the master table I have all 4 lookup Tables ID, and I am
showing its respective description.

My user added a few records on one of the lookup tables (
using an entry form in the same application), and when he
went to choose the new value for the master field, it didn´t
showed up. He had to restart the application.

For now I am Closing and Reopening all the tables. I hope
there is some better way to reflect those changes...
Any thoughts?

Best regards,