Subject Re: [IBO] Re: POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the TIB_Grid?
Author Jason Wharton

I didn't recall hearing of the first issue. Please resend it. As for the
second, didn't we do something about this already?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Re: POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the

> Jason
> >big snip . .
> >
> > One of them is to remove that partial row that hangs out at the
> bottom of
> > the grid.
> I'm partial to a partial row - it helps the user to realise there is
> more data to come. I can't see any downside - unless you're a
> tidyness freak :-)
> Also . . with regard to the TIB_Grid checkbox . .
> I sent you a .res file with the standard windows image of a checkbox -
> it meant that the left and bottom sides where still visible if the
> grid was clSilver. That did'nt seem to find its way into the last
> release. Perhaps it now could - I'll send it again if you've lost it.
> And. . . There was a thread some time ago about the mouse behaviour
> of the IBGrid checkbox. At present one click transfers focus to it
> and changes its state. To me - this is not standard windows
> behaviour and it makes it too easy to inadvertently change the data.
> Perhaps this could be changed so that one click on the cell gives it
> focus and another click changes its state?
> Regards
> Paul