Subject Re: [IBO] POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the TIB_Grid?
Author Jason Wharton
One part of doing away with partial rows is to make it so that I can allow
variable row heights for each individual row. This way, it would be possible
to have each row be whatever height is necessary to display the full
contents of its memo. Of course I would have to make it so that it didn't
allow a row to be higher than the grid itself is tall...

Perhaps I should add an option called ShowPartialRows and default it to true
since that is the way it has been so far. I would also like to add in the
option to dynamically adjust the height of each row when there is a memo or
image in it.

Another thing I was thinking that would be a nice addition is top and bottom
scroll "gutters". It always annoys me when I am scrolling through records to
have the current row right at the edge so that you always have to scroll
backwards after the row you were looking by passes by. It would be nice to
tell the grid to scroll all the rows after getting within n rows to the top
or bottom edge like 2 or 3 rows. If it is already at the top, just have it
stay at the top and when the topmost record comes into view the pointer
would go ahead and scroll up to the top.

How does this sound?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the

> > One of them is to remove that partial row that hangs out at
> > the bottom of the grid. The TDBGrid has it such that it only
> > shows full rows and leaves the normal background color instead
> > of part of a row.
> I would normally have said that it does not matter. But since it is
> now possible to display memo fields in a grid, it seems likely that
> one would extend the default row height to do this - and with bigger
> row sizes it would be preferable to allow partial rows.
> So my vote goes to keeping partial rows.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing