Subject property list Re: [IBO] Suggestions for the Search-Panel
Author Andreas Pohl
Hi Jason,

I just finished some small enhancements that I need for really RAD:

I subclassed TIB_Grid to add a property list and to show a "..."-Button in
the top-left corner. By hitting this button there is a setup form for
visually arrangement of columns (with name,alignment,width). This settings
are auto stored in a linked component (in my case: TFormstorage from RxLib).

There is also a property to link a TIB_SearchPanel to this grid. With this
I'm able to link the EditLinks to TIB_SearchPanel so there are shown buttons
in edit controls like in (linked) TIB_Grid.

My lookups are hardcoded, but it would be much better to link special lookup
queries... Maybe it's usefull to store these lookup in TIB_Connection, too?

So it is very handy to setup an entire application just with few controls
and components but with full power of IBO. Just a thought for vers. 4.0

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl

screenshot1: object inspector's property list
screenshot2: grid with top-left button and linked searchpanel with auto
buttons for editlinks in searcpanel
screenshot3: setupform for visually settings of grid and searchpanel (used
an RxLib control)
screenshot4: my enhanced (generic) Lookupform with search and filter box.

> I would welcome such enhancements with excitement.
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> From: "Kaputnik" <>
> To: "IBObjects List" <>
> Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2000 4:13 PM
> Subject: [IBO] Suggestions for the Search-Panel
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am one real fan of the Search-Panel. It comes especially handy, when I
> > have to set up a prototype, and the VStudio-Nerds have tears in their
> eyes,
> > when I set up a complete app in the same time they need to run the
> > MFC-wizard for the base-form.
> >
> > What I would even more like, is to have a search-panel that can be used
> > professional solution for my forms.
> > For now, the SP only sets up edits for every data-tape and checkboxes
> > bools, and the two-column-layout is still buggy, so the SP looks a bit
> > boring, especially for tables with more fields.
> >
> > What would be great is to have a more data-type-sensitive SP with
> Spin-edits
> > for integers and floats and Data-pickers for dates.....
> > And ,especially, a memo for blobs subtype text.
> >
> > Also, a form-setting woudl be great to have the edits not only one below
> the
> > other but spread around the panel to use the existing place effectively.
> > I could implement the changes for the different data-types myself (I
> hope),
> > but I am definitely not good enough a programmer to do the latter.
> >
> > Does anybody else like the idea?
> > What do you think, Jason?
> >
> >
> > Thanx and
> > CU, Kaputnik