Subject Need help w/convesrsion of "inmemory" table.
Author Dennis fantoni
Hi there.

I am in the process of converting a rather big project to ibobjects
from BDE. Everything has gone smoothly until now, where i face a
problem that needs deep knowledge of how the BDE vcl is working.

a more excotic part of the old program uses a lot of TdbLable's that
are all connected to a ttable's calculated fields.

The ttable has only one "real" field, and about 20 calculated fields.

The ttable is an object, derived from ttable, but it is also a hack
into the BDE so that it becomes a paradox "inmemory" table, thus
editing and posting a record in the table generates no disk access or
network traffic. The table is "local" to the application running.

The program uses only one single row, and this single row is *not*
the same for each c/s user, as the table is local and in memory.

The program uses the row value of the calculated fields to display
similar info all over the program w/o having to change the caption of
the labels (and other DBcontrols hooked up).

I have converted the ttable object to inherit from Tibotable, and
hooked it up on a table in the database, but it is of course real
slow this way.

Does anyone know of references to samples or components that inherit
from tdataset and implements a recordbuffer (just for a single record
is enough) and calculated fields? I need the object *NOT* to post
changes and *NOT* to fetch data, but to show altered values in
attached databaseawarecomponents.


Dennis Fantoni
Danasoft A/S

(The conversion of the product is part of my evaluation of ibobjects,
we'll buy a license *real* soon now. - only problem left is this
inmemory table).

I have the sourcecode for the inmemory table if anyone is interested
in how it is implemented.