Subject Re: [IBO] ISAPI : IBOQuery1 with input parameter caused invalid variant operations
Author Daniel Rail
Try adding Prepare just before ParamByName. You might need to exclusively
prepare the query for the parameter to be properly recognized.


Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Group Inc. (
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At 2000-11-06 05:04, you wrote:
>I encounter "invalid variant operation" when I code the query with
>input parameter, initial load is ok but subsequent refresh of the
>page will display error message, see my codes below
>with IBOQuery1 do
> Close;
> with SQL do
> begin
> Clear;
> end;
> ParamByName('CATEGORYID').AsInteger := fCategoryID;
> Open;
>if replace by IB_Query1, then everythings work fine, but I need
>IBOQuery1, I works around by building the SQL string dynamically
>without the use of ParamByName.
>Did anyone face the same prob. ?
>Is this a bug in IBOQuery1 for ISAPI application ?
>any better alternative ?
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