Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] What is a Lytec *.dbp file?
Author Helen Borrie

At 04:18 AM 6/03/2006, you wrote:
>Hi everyone. I'm new to this group. I write a medical software package in
>Delphi / Firebird (via IBObjects).
>I am needing to convert Lytec 2004 (medical software) data for one of my
>beta testers. I went to their office and copied the database (or so I
>I purchased a tool called "Data Manager for Btrieve and Pervasive SQL" from
>a company called "Classic Software".
>The files I copied from the client are *.dbp files. I try to open them in
>my utility program and it says the file is not a btrieve file, in fact the
>extension is not even in the list of known types.
>My question is:
>What is a DBP file (this has been amazingly hard to figure out after hours
>and hours of searching on the net)? Is it possible this is not a Btrieve
>file? Did I perhaps not copy all the files I need?

From Googling, it looks as though the .dbp isn't a database file but
a "database profile" file and it seems to be a Lytec-specific
thing. Clues got from a thread in 2003 here:

Have you tried opening the .dpb file in a text editor to see whether
it is some kind of metadata script?

There is one posting there that lists out the files (multiple!) that
you need to open a table in Pervasive-SQL (the modern name for Btrieve).

Googling on "pervasive lytec .dbp" yielded quite a lot of hits... seems to have a tool that can export data from
a Pervasive DB (I don't know whether this is the tool you bought,
though). But it does seem you need to get your hands on the database files.

This outfit has a service for converting Lytec databases: