Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] Re: Convert from Sybase ASA - rock solid enough?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> OK, I'm thinking about this again. (Didn't do anything the first
> time!)
> I just read the first issue of The Interbase and Firebird Developer
> Magazine. I see there are ads in there for products like IBSurgeon
> (for repairing corrupted databases), IBFirstAid (for diagnosing and
> repairing common corruptions of InterBase and Firebird databases) and
> IBBackupSurgeon (for reading data from corrupted backups).

This group is mainly for issues you have adapting your application to FB.
Since you're asking another topic (but valid, of course), I suggest you post
to firebird-support instead. The reason is simple: this list is specific and
has low traffic whereas fb-support people (app developers like you) will
handle your question from their experience, so you can see what is the
perceived reliability of FB.