Subject Re: Convert from Sybase ASA - rock solid enough?
Author dancooperstock
OK, I'm thinking about this again. (Didn't do anything the first

I just read the first issue of The Interbase and Firebird Developer
Magazine. I see there are ads in there for products like IBSurgeon
(for repairing corrupted databases), IBFirstAid (for diagnosing and
repairing common corruptions of InterBase and Firebird databases) and
IBBackupSurgeon (for reading data from corrupted backups).

The need for these programs has me worried about whether Firebird is
really rock-solid enough for me to use as the embedded DB in my
application or not.

Under what sorts of circumstances do Firebird databases, and their
backups, tend to get corrupted? In my experience of over 2,000 users
of my DONATION program using Sybase SQL Anywhere (and now Adaptive
Server Anywhere), I think I can only point to one or two cases where
one of their databases has been corrupted. That's the sort of
stability I need in my product!


--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@i...> wrote:
> At 06:18 PM 11/12/2004, dancooperstock wrote:
> >I have an application used by over 2,000 charities and churches to
> >track their charitable donations, that is currently using Sybase
> >Anywhere version 5.5 (now called Adaptive SQL Anywhere, or ASA).
> >can see it at, in case you are
> >interested.
> That looks like a great application, and one for which Firebird
> be well suited. For an application like Donation, you will find
> Firebird rock solid. It requires no more administration than ASA -
> just regular backups which can be scheduled programmatically. And,
> of course, all features of the system are available in the free
> edition, there being no other edition.
> Regards
> Ann