Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Re: Old IB v5.6 running on Novell Netware to Firebird
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Tue, 08 Feb 2005 16:48:36 -0000, spmcguile wrote:

>--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
>> At 03:27 PM 24/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>> >If yes - Where can I get it and how much will it cost?
>> Sorry, missed this. Cost is $0.00. Take the Downloads link from
>the top
>> menu on any page of The latest
>> 1.0 release is v.1.0.3.
>> Helen
>So to convert the IB 5.6 to FB 1.5 I use the FB 1.03 as a bridge
>1. Get FB 1.03 and install it on my Win2000 pro client.
>2. Back up the IB 5.6 DB using tools on Win98 client
>3. Restore the backup via 1.03 and back it up again
>4. Then restore it under 1.5
>Is this correct? or is there a simpler way?

I don't have a IB 5.x server here, AFAIK you can do this directly
to FB1.5. The DB restored will be in Dialect 1 - the IB5.6 compati
bility mode. After this, is recomended to you initiate a conversion
to Dialect 3 - where you can benefit from diverse benefits and
bug corrections.
Main tips on Dialect 1 to Dialect 3:
- Check your queries: avoid ambiguities in joined selects.All fields
must have a table alias, as in this example:
SELECT C.Name, S.Name
from Customer C inner join
Store S on C.Id_Store = S.Id_Store

- Check if the name of your fields (or column names in queries)
conflict with the reserved words of FB1.5.

- MUCH care with numeric(x,y) fields. Check on IB6 pdfs and in
Release notes what are used to store these numbers. There are
a calculation on CFLP portuguese list because just this. If the
precision is 10 ou more, use a DOUBLE PRECISION floating point field
(or cast the operanads to it and scale back) if your tests indicate
in calculations. On IB5.6 DOUBLE PRECISION is the storage datatype
of that column with precision 10 or above.

Hope this helps.

>Also I have a MSSQL Server 2000 Database I want to convert
>(Just Tables and Views) to FB 1.5 is there a recommended method?

There's a migration guide from MSSQL to Firebird in:

In this place are also more useful documentation. Check this
place and

for updates and new documentation. (The first url is the docs
published in PDF and the second is the online HTML version)

There are also a 3rd party tool (sql2gdb), see in
contributed downloads.