Subject Re: Convert from ASA - rock solid enough?
Author dancooperstock
Thanks Ann. Do you know of any users using it in a similar way to the
way I want to use it, namely as an embedded database, in an
application used by a lot of non-techie users, that I might be able
to use as a reference?

Where in the documentation might I read to better understand what the
exact difference is in functionality between the embedded and server

Thanks again.

--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@i...> wrote:

> That looks like a great application, and one for which Firebird
> be well suited. For an application like Donation, you will find
> Firebird rock solid. It requires no more administration than ASA -
> just regular backups which can be scheduled programmatically. And,
> of course, all features of the system are available in the free
> edition, there being no other edition.
> >2) Is there any reason not to just use the embedded version of
> >Firebird, rather than a server version? Obviously, I'm running on
> >Windows. I want to keep the install program as small and
> >straightforward as possible.
> No reason.
> Regards
> Ann