Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Convert from ASA - rock solid enough?
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 06:18 PM 11/12/2004, dancooperstock wrote:

>I have an application used by over 2,000 charities and churches to
>track their charitable donations, that is currently using Sybase SQL
>Anywhere version 5.5 (now called Adaptive SQL Anywhere, or ASA). You
>can see it at, in case you are

That looks like a great application, and one for which Firebird would
be well suited. For an application like Donation, you will find
Firebird rock solid. It requires no more administration than ASA -
just regular backups which can be scheduled programmatically. And,
of course, all features of the system are available in the free
edition, there being no other edition.

>2) Is there any reason not to just use the embedded version of
>Firebird, rather than a server version? Obviously, I'm running on
>Windows. I want to keep the install program as small and
>straightforward as possible.

No reason.