Subject Conversion and Firebird Fields
Author sanjayamatya
During conversion from Access to GDB (using sql2gdb) used the
following option:

Name map method: Use quotes (dialect 3 only)

After conversion, the SQL string I can use is:

This worked: select * from "Employee" //1
This did not work: select * from Employee (note the table name
provided is case sensisitive and is supplied exactly as in table) //2

Aren't //1 and //2 both supposed to work. If //1 is the only way,
does it mean all SQL strings in app have to be changed?

Strange enought, one time during conversion I provided the option:
character set = ISO8859_1 (in sql2gdb) and //2 did work. But next
time I tried, the same thing didn't work????

Pls advise.