Subject Database Master 8 and BI Studio 8 Release!
Author Nucleon Software
We're happy to announce the release of Database Master 8.3.9 and Nucleon BI Studio 8.3.9. This release comes with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Nucleon Database Master 8: is more compact and stable and provides more features for database admins and developers. It supports more than 30 database systems (inc. PostgreSQL, FireBirdSQL, MongoDB) and data sources.

Nucleon BI Studio 8: comes with lots of improvements and bug fixes. It provides Reports, Charts, Dashboards, Grid Computing (Map&Reduce), Statistics, Power Views, Pivot Table, Data Search, Database Explorer, Data Export/Import, R-Statistics, Extended SQL/ JSON/C# Scripting modules. BI Studio also supports more than 30 database systems  (inc. PostgreSQL, FireBirdSQL, MongoDB) and data sources.

Freemium: We changed the license from full commercial to freemium. Most used features (70%) are free now and some features are commercial.  We hope that this model gives a change to development country users. Download the latest versions and try it!

Download and for more info:

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