Subject FBScanner 3.6.1 is released
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Hi All,

New version ofFBScanner (3.6.1)
released. FBScanner is an unique tool to trace and audit Firebird (1.0 -
2.5) and InterBase (4.0 - XE3) SQL traffic (connections, transactions,
queries), it's very efficient tool for performance optimization and SQL
bug tracking.

FBScanner works like a proxy, and enables transparent data capture and

FBScanner can be used for the following tasks:

* - Find queries with bad performance (i.e., slow queries with high
prepare and execute times, queries with bad plans)
* - Track transactions usage
* - Real-time view of connections, users and transactions (connections
can be killed)
* - Retrospective analysis of SQL traffic
* - and more - seepresentation here


FBScanner has 2 licensing options:

* *Per server*- FBScanner can be used on the single server or computer
to track Firebird traffic.
* *Unlimited ISV subscription*- FBScanner can be installed on any
number of computers during the 1 year for use with the specific
software application from the single independent software vendor (ISV).

All users of FBScanner 3 already have FBScanner 3.6.1 in IBSurgeon
Deploy Center.

User of FBScanner 2.x can upgrade to FBScanner 3.6.1 with 50% discount -
please contact*upgrade@...*

*Download now:*

Demo version of FBScanner can be found here:

Please look at the FBScanner User Guide to get more information about
its capabilities:

Alexey Kovyazin