Subject FBDataGuard 2.7
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Hello All,

was just updated to the version 2.7. Download it from your IBSurgeon
Deploy Center account or get trial version from
Please schedule upgrade of your production system (please do upgrade
carefully and plan all your actions).

Changes in version 2.7 include support for modern browsers in
FBDataGuard web-console, fixed bugs and improved performance.

FBDataGuard is intended to be automatic maintainer and administrator
assistant for important Firebird databases, especially at remote
locations and being bundled with Firebird-based software.
FBDataGuard is designed to provide stability and confidence in
business-critical Firebird databases:

* prevent outages and corruptions,
* reduce downtime and performance problems,
* monitor database health and automate maintenance,
* provide alerts and recommendations.

Also it can be used for advanced database recovery of protected database
in case of heavy corruption (e.g., caused by hardware failure).

Alexey Kovyazin

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