Subject XMLWizard 1.1.0 released - easy data import for Firebird
Author Milan Babuskov

XMLWizard is a tool that enables you to easily import XML, CSV and flat
text files into Firebird databases. It supports different variants of
XML files with nesting, data stored as attributes, etc.

New features:

1. Nodes with XML properties can now be imported either as columns of
parent node, or a separate database table... or both (useful if you have
two tables in master-detail relationship)

2. XMLWizard can be started from the command line by specifying the
project file. If would then run INSERTs and/or UPDATEs automatically and
commit and close when done. This is very useful for batch tasks. For
more information about this functionality, use the command line to run:

xmlwizard.exe --help

3. Option to remove quotes from database object names (esp. useful for
Dialect 1 databases)

4. More verbose error messages when records cannot be imported

5. A couple of bugfixes for complex XML files

Download and more info at:

Milan Babuskov