Subject Using Crystal Reports 10 with FB 1.5
Author Myles Wakeham
I have developed a system where we can design reports using Crystal
Reports 10 for a client, and deploy them via a PHP Web Hosted
application. Basically its just a file manager via the web that the
client can click on a report, and it will download the RPT file from
Crystal and run it on their local Crystal Reports system.

The client and I are using the open source ODBC driver for Firebird on
Windows XP (the client's deployed workstation environment). The client
has Crystal Reports 10 Professional installed with full ODBC support.

I created a user account called 'REPORTS' for the client on Firebird and
during testing, granted it with full privileges and ability to see all
system tables. I'll revoke security down to read/only on this once I
get this all working fine.

Its actually working great, but there is one slight problem and I'm
hoping that someone here has encountered this and ideally found a solution.

When the user loads the report definition and elects to Refresh the data
for the report from the server, they login using the REPORTS account.
Then they are presented with a series of dialogs where CR states that it
cannot find the tables used in the report definition and if they want to
remove the tables from the report. For each dialog, the user answers NO
and proceeds, where CR then magically and correctly refreshes the data
and the report is there.

Its more of an annoyance, and certainly something where an untrained
user could misunderstand this and not get the data they want. I do not
see these dialogs if I create the report under a SYSDBA account, so I
believe it has something to do with the security settings in Firebird
that were granted to the login account. But since I believe I granted
all privileges correctly for this, I'm not sure why this is happening.
Again, if I use SYSDBA for the login, there are no problems with this.

If anyone has experienced this before, or has any suggestions as to how
to set the database privileges for this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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