Subject [ANN] fbclient - Firebird for Lua v0.4.0
Author Cosmin Apreutesei
Good news everyone!

[Sorry for barging in on the Lua 5.2 release party so brutally, but...]

I'm pleased to announce another release of the fbclient Lua binding!

In this release:
- stabilization of the public API + documentation updates
- added automated test suite bundle for testing against fbclient and
fbembed 2.0.5, 2.1.3, 2.5rc1 on winxp sp1+ (soon on linux32 too)
- added rockspec (
- unified blob API for both OOP and procedural interfaces
- revealed more undocumented DPB, TPB, DB_INFO, etc. tags w/the help
of the Firebird devs
- OOP interfaces now use LOOP for extensibility
- the blob API is now fully separated and must be explicitly loaded
- housekeeping (bug fixing, refactoring, more asserts)

Short term goals (next revision):
- unit-testing error cases; adding even more asserts and contracts
- prepare and run the new test suite bundle on linux32

Mid term goals (next version):
- implement a metadata abstraction API and a database navigational
interface above that
- add int64 <=> decimal string conversion as alternative to using
bignum libraries
- trace API: trace list decoder and trace stream decoder

Thanks to Ann Harrison, Dmitry Yemanov and Alex Peshkoff for help on
the undocumented tags.