Subject Firebird and ECO
Author Kjell Rilbe

Just in case anyone cares, I'm working on a project with ECO from It's going to be a rather complex application
for our TM to collect and enter data, add meta info like who entered the
data and when, who owns it etc, and also for our sales people to make
custom ad hoc selections to clients, sell subscriptions with automatic
updates to clients, price and count calculations, and met ainfo
regarding this: what data items have been sold to whom at what price and
how, etc.

The application will be hosten on Windows 2008 Server and IIS. We will
build it on ASP.Net and C# with ECO as the MDA + OR framework, with
Firebird as the database backend.

What might be interesting to others is that we will make sure
CapableObjects fix any Firebird related bugs that we encounter, so it's
a bit of a field test for ECO on top of Firebird.

It's early days yet, but so far it all seems to be working fine.

Kjell Rilbe
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