Subject ANN: FBCopy 1.70 is released
Author Milan Babuskov
FBCopy is an open source command-line tool for copying and comparing
data in Firebird databases. It has the following features:

* copying data between databases (sorted by dependency tree)
* copying generator values (since version 1.70)
* comparing table fields
* comparing data (with detailed output in HTML)
* open source under MIT license
* cross platform - works on Windows and Linux
* works with all Firebird versions (tested 1.0 - 2.1)
* easy to integrate into batch jobs
* light for remote use via SSH

Version 1.70 introduces a new definition format which supports both
tables and generators, so now you can copy generator values as well.
The new version is backward compatible (i.e. it can read the
definition files generated with previous versions of FBCopy).

Linux binary in the package is compiled against FBClient 2, so it will
work with Firebird 2.0 and 2.1 (previous versions worked only with 1.0
and 1.5 servers).

Download (contains Linux and Windows binaries and source code):

Usage examples and more information:


Milan Babuskov