Subject ANN: CopyCat replication suite version 2.00.0
Author Jonathan Neve
After a long delay, Microtec is pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited
CopyCat version 2.0!

CopyCat is a set of Interbase/Firebird replication components for Delphi and
C++Builder. Using CopyCat, you can easily build applications comprising advanced
database replication capabilities, which can be deployed royalty-free.

Version 2 introduces a number of major improvements, featuring most notably:

- Multi-database replication capabilities (support for MS SQL Server, and other
databases soon)
- Transport-layer abstraction (support for replicating over XML-RPC).
- Conditional table filtering.
- New per-table options, allowing to specify which operations (Insert / Update /
Delete) should be logged.
- Added a TCcReplicator.SyncronizeRows method for manually provoking replication
of a specified set of records.
- No more special replication users!
- Redesigned website, with the addition of a new web forum for support and updates
- A new flash tutorial to get get to grips quickly with the basics of CopyCat,
available here:
- Probably much, much more than I can remember ! ;)

For more information about this new release, click here :

General information about CopyCat :

Demonstration application :

Evaluation version :

Note: For users of previous versions who purchased over a year ago, a 30% discount
will be granted on upgrade. For those who purchased less than a year ago, this update
is free.

Best regards,
Jonathan Neve
CopyCat - advanced Delphi components for database replication, supporting CodeGear
Interbase, FirebirdSQL and MS SQL Server!
CopyTiger - the ultimate database replication solution for CodeGear Interbase,
FirebirdSQL and MS SQL Server!
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