Subject dnfBB version 2.0 now available
Author Simon Carter
The dnfBB team is extremely pleased and proud to announce the release
of dnfBB v2.o, a multi tier/database forum designed around C#/
which utilises the existing features of the database that it connects to.

dnfBB is a powerful and fast 3 Tier, C# discussion board or forum for
websites running ASP.NET. Native support for multiple forums within
the same db structure.
Initially designed to work with Firebird and MySQL.

Not only is dnfBB multi tier and multi database, it utilises features
of each database that it uses so that admins can easily tap into and
use existing features without jumping through hoops when attempting to
integrate dnfBB within their existing databases/websites.

Bug Fixes: 36
New Features: 49
Changes/Updates: 1

For a full list of all new features and bug fixes visit


Si Carter