Subject Developing in C# - fbserver freeze
Author Tomáš Vybíhal
I have a problem with firebird server. I'm developing an aplication in C# in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The aplication cyclical write the data to database. During the writing to database, the firebird server memory grow. In specific level of memory the server freeze.

Code of writing is here :
connectionString = "Database=" + sDatabase + "; " +
"User=SYSDBA;" + "Password=masterkey;" +

"Dialect=3;" + "Server=localhost";

Cyclical function :
IDbConnection dbcon = new FbConnection(connectionString);
IDbCommand dbcmd = dbcon.CreateCommand();
dbcmd.CommandText = cmd; // command like insert, delete or update f.e. "delete from obid where tagid=' 4E 4E 4E 4E 66 AA'"
IDataReader reader = dbcmd.ExecuteReader();

~~ processing ~~ // Reading response, if I need

reader = null;
dbcmd = null;
dbcon = null;


What is wrong? Backup the fbserver modified items? Can I delete this backup from memory?
Any ideas will be much appreciated.
Best regard


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