Subject New DBManager Released
Author COS

DBTools Software is proud to announce the availability of the new DBManager
Professional Enterprise Edition 3.4.2 and DBManager Standard Edition 3.2.2.
For a complete list of changes please check our website at

The new versions are available in our downloads center at

What is DBTools Manager?

DBTools manager is an application for database managementm supporting MySQL,
PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQlite, DBF Tables, MSAccess, MSSQL Server,
Sybase, Oracle and ODBC Datasources. This is a simple list of its features:

- Full object management
- Query Builder with planning, debugging capabilities
- Diagram Designer
- Report and Form Builders
- Lots of Wizards to import and export data/structure to/from a variety of
- Database Documenter, Comparer and Migration Wizards
- View, Procedure and Function Builder
- English and Portuguese BR language resources available
- and much more

Available in two editions: Enteprise and Standard. The latest can be used
for free for personal use.
For a complete list of its features check

Best Regards,

DBTools Software