Subject [ANN] New DBManager Standard Edition 3.2.0
Author COS
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Standard Edition
version 3.2.0.
This application replaces the old DBManager Freeware Edition (3.1.1) and it
can be used for FREE
in the following conditions:

- Personal use only

You can register the Standard Edition at any time you want and if you choose
to, at a very small fee.
Registered users will get the following additional features:

- Personal Use License restriction removed. You can use DBManager Standard
for commercial purposes
- Can manage multiple servers and multiple database engines. MySQL,
PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase,
Firebird and DBF Tables
- Can execute queries on DBF Tables. Requires DAO 3.51 or later (usually
installed with Windows/Office)
- Can execute multiple statements queries
- Query/Procedure/View Editors with Planner and Debugger capabilities
- Picture viewer allow you to view image content from binary fields (Query
Editor and Datasheet)
- Can connect to Workgroup Servers
- Can connect to MySQL using the MySQL Webservice. Very soon other engines
will also have this feature builtin

The application is now available in our Downloads Center

What is DBManager?

DBManager is an application for Database Management available only for
Windows environments. Supporting the most popular database engines: MySQL,
PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQlite, Oracle, MSAccess, MSSQL Server,
Sybase, ODBC and DBF Tables. To learn more about DBManager check out


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This promotion is valid for the following products:

- DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition (Open Source Pack and Master
- DBManager Standard Edition
- DBTools QueryIT

Best Regards,

DBTools Software