Subject FlameRobin 0.7.5 is out
Author Milan Babuskov
Hello everyone,

Source and binary packages for Windows (setup.exe and .zip) and Linux
(gtk1 and gtk2 variants) are available for download. MacOSX and
Debian/Ubuntu ones should follow soon (and probably FreeBSD one too). We
are also looking for someone to try if things work on Solaris too.

New features

- System tables now are available in main tree view
- Compatibility with Firebird 2.0
- SQL editor: Autocompletion of column/parameter names and old/new
aliases in triggers

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- SQL Editor: Use row:col instead of col:row in statusbar
- SQL Editor: Autocompletion now works for case-sensitive object names
- SQL Editor: Autocompletion now works for names containing $ character
- Data grid: "Fetch all records" and "Cancel fetching all records" commands
- Data grid: "Copy records as Update" command
- SQL script execution now always stops on error
- Confirm dropping of items from main tree
- Fixed bugs related to character set conversions
- Fixed DDL extraction for various object types

For known issues please see our bug tracker at:

Milan Babuskov