Subject New DBManager Professional 3.3.3 (Enterprise Edition)
Author COS
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional 3.3.3
Enterprise Edition.
This version is a major bug fix with a few extra funcionality added to the

For a complete lists of changes check
You can download the latest version at

What is DBManager?

DBManager is a commercial product for the Windows environment to manage
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQlite, DBF, Microsoft Access,
Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle and ODBC Datasources. It has a complete
set of Enterprise Features:

- Object Management (Including databases, tables, views, procedures,
functions, etc)
- Lots of wizards to Import and Export Structure and Data between databases
- Powerful Query and Procedure Builders, with multiple results and blob
- Form, Report and Diagram (ER) Designers
- Console
- Task Builder for process automations
- Server and Database Monitoring with charts
- and much more

For a complete list of features see

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DBTools Software