Subject FBCopy 1.52 is out - now able to compare data
Author Milan Babuskov
Hello everyone,

I've just released new version of FBCopy. Beside what you already used
to, this one can also compare data in your databases (very useful when
you need to do it on remote server over a slow connection).

Changes in new release:
- Added ability to compare data in databases
- License changed to Expat (a.k.a. MIT)
- IBPP integrated into sources

With the license change, you can freely take any part of the code and
integrate it into your closed or open source program. With IBPP
integrated, the build from sources is now as simple as running "make".

For those who don't know about it yet:

FBCopy is a tool with which you can easily copy and compare data between
Firebird tables and databases. FBCopy is a command-line tool, so its
strongest feature is that you can use it on remote servers. It also
works on Linux, meaning that you can copy and compare data directly on
server without generating a lot of network traffic.

Home page:

Download (Windows and Linux binaries and source code):

Manual (with explanation and few examples of data-compare feature):


Milan Babuskov