Subject ANN: IBExpert news: new distribution license and education full version avail.
Author HKlemt
Dear Firebird User,

A lot of customers asked us regarding a cheaper possibility to
use our ibeblock technology for their own software.

The IBExpert VAR License gives a distribution license for all
modules including the IBExpert IDE. Some smaller software companies
just asked for a way to integrate our technology for a cheaper price.

Because we always respect our customers wishes, we created 2 new

1. IBEScript EXE Distribution License
2. IBEScript DLL Distribution License

The IBEScript Distribution License gives you the unlimited right
to integrate IBEScript.exe or IBEScript.dll in your application.
you can use it for executing ibeblock scripts that connect to
different databases at the same time, integrate any odbc connection
as source or destination, simple data import and export, metadata
comparison and much more.

More examples can be found here

For using the distribution license, no keys are needed. You do
not even need ibexpert full version, but the integrated debugger
will help you to develop working scripts.

The distribution license contains only the file ibescript.exe or
ibescript.dll and the unlimited right to distribute it together
with your software.


1. What is IBEScript EXE?

IBEScript.exe can be used to execute any valid IBExpert script in
batchfiles. For example a scheduled import or export job can be
started without the need of any user input.

IBEScript.exe can also be used to encrypt script files, so that
they are unreadable for the user, but executable together with

2. What is IBEScript DLL?

When you want to integrate IBExperts scripts in your own application,
you can use IBEScript.dll. A simple example for Delphi can be found
in IBExperts IBEScriptDll subdirectory. It can also be used from all
other programming languages that can handle DLL calls.

3. What is IBEBLOCK?

It is a set of DDL, DML and other statements that are executed on
the server and on the client side, and which include some specific
constructions applicable only in IBExpert or IBEScript (excluding
the free versions of these products), independent of the database
server version.

With EXECUTE IBEBLOCK you will be able to:

* Work with different connections within the single IBEBLOCK at
the same time.
* Move (copy) data from one database to another.
* Join tables from different databases.
* Compare data from different databases and synchronize them.
* Populate a table with test data using random values or values
from other tables or even from other databases or ODBC Connections.
* ... and much more.

The syntax of IBEBLOCK is similar to that of stored procedures but
there are many important extensions. For example:

* You can use EXECUTE STATEMENT with any server, including
InterBase 5.x, 6.x, 7.x.
* You can use one-dimensional arrays (lists) of untyped variables
and access them by index.
* It isn't necessary to declare variables before using them.
* You can use data sets (temporary memory tables) to store data.
* ... and much more.

4. Simple ibeblock example to copy data between two databases incl blobs

execute ibeblock
create connection src dbname 'localhost:c:\src.fdb'
password 'repl' user 'REPL' clientlib 'fbclient.dll';

create connection dest dbname 'localhost:c:\dest.fdb'
password 'repl' user 'REPL' clientlib 'fbclient.dll';

use src;
for select id, usr, ts, sql, idx, dat
from ibe$log
into :id, :usr, :ts, :sql, :idx, :dat
use dest;
insert into ibe$log(id, usr, ts, sql, idx, dat)
values (:id, :usr, :ts, :sql, :idx, :dat);

use dest;
close connection src;
close connection dest;

You can execute single IBEBLOCKs via the SQL Editor. You can debug
them in the SQL Editor too. They are debugged in the same way as
stored procedures and triggers. Also you can include IBEBLOCKs into
your scripts and execute these scripts as usual - using the Script
Executive or IBEScript.exe.

To buy our distribution license products visit our shop at
and open the product group "distribution license"

5. IBExpert Educational Full Version for only 50 Euro (excl. VAT)

For students and teachers at schools or universities, we offer the
free IBExpert Educational Version with the 50MB database limit already
since a long time. A lot of people already told us that they are
very happy with using IBExpert and Firebird in their studies.

If they want to use it for larger databases also, they can now
get the IBExpert 1 License for Educational Purposes Full License
for a special price.

This product is not only available for students and teachers at
commercial schools or universities.

We require the following information for your product registration

* User name
* User e-mail address
* Computer name of the computer, where IBExpert is to be installed.
* Copy of the valid school students identity card
Copy of the valid university students identity card
Official order from the School/University

We need the copies as scanned email attachments to
register@... or fax to +4970042397378


To buy IBExpert Educational Full Version visit our shop at
and open the product group "software for educational purposes"

The price is 50 Euro. In Germany and Europe we have to charge you
additional 8 Euro VAT. When you want to pay by bank transfer, be
sure that all transfer fees are paid from the customer, otherwise
we can not deliver the product before we receive all the money.
We recommend to use paypal.

The IBExpert Team

Any questions? Ask register@...

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