Subject [ANN] DBManager Professional 3.3.0
Author COS
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the availability of the new
DBManager Professional 3.3.0 Enterprise Edition. This release brings a lot
of new features and lots of improvements and bug fixes. See the short list

- New Visual Interface
- New Procedure Builder with support for Functions and Triggers
- New Form Designer, now supporting subforms, menus and images inplace
- Diagram Designer redesigned
- Table Designer was remodeled and now includes information about the table
changes before commit
- Database Dump Wizard has plenty of new options. One particular is the
possibility to create a dump for older versions. This is useful if one needs
to dump and reload the database into different server versions
- Implemented Drag & Drop operation for extended objects like: Stored
Procedures, Functions, Views, etc
- Query Builder has being redesigned to add more useful information about
queries and other objects as well as allow editing external queries
- Many improvements and bugs fixed

The full list of changes can be viewed at

To download the new version go to

What is DBManager Professional?

DBManager is a Windows application for database management. It supports
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQlite, DBF Tables (Clipper, DBase
III, IV, V, FoxPro), MSAccess, MSSQL Server/MSDE, Oracle, Sybase and ODBC
Datasources (read only).
Among its features you will find:

- Complete database structure management for Tables, Indexes, Foreign Keys,
Check Constraints, Triggers, Domains, Stored Procedures, User Defined
Functions, Schemas/Namespaces, Tablespaces, etc
- Query Builder and Query Designer to build and test queries, with features
like: codesense and codetip, syntax coloring editor, help on SQL/DDL/DML
commands, results with blob shown as image, Query Planner and Debugger
- Procedure Builder (Extended from Query Builder) to develop and test Stored
Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Views
- Diagram Designer to visually create database diagrams
- Form and Report Builders
- Database Compare to synchronize database structure
- Lots of wizards to import and export data. From MSAccess, ODBC, MSExcel,
HTML, XML, Text CSV, Text Fixed to any of the database engine supported by
- Database Migration Wizard to move structure and data between databases
- Database Control Version System: catalog your database versions and create
DDL files with a complete database or just the difference between versions
- Web Script Generator, a wizard to create script for the web in PHP and ASP
- And much more

For more details on DBManager Professional check

Best Regards,

DBTools Software