Subject FlameRobin 0.7.6 is released
Author Milan Babuskov
FlameRobin is an open-source, cross-platform
administration tool for Firebird.

Version 0.7.6 is mostly a bug fix release aiming
at full Firebird 2.0 compatibility:

Source, Windows (setup.exe and .zip) and Linux (gtk1, gtk2) binary
packages are available for download. MacOSX, Debian, Ubuntu and
Mandriva packages are on the way.

New features

- Logging changes to database table
(so far only logging to textual files was available)
- 100% compatible with Firebird 2.0

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- Improved parsing of committed statements
- Fixed bug #1591149 when reserved XML characters were used in
database properties
- Fixed bug #1582935 with drag and drop query building
- Setting to clear log when executing is now respected
- Added META tag to exported HTML data: set to UTF-8 encoding
- Fixed invalid columns when fetching data fails
- Autocompletion now works properly with quoted identifiers
- Fixed crash when loading of property page fails
- Fixed crash when automatic DDL commit was active
- Fixed ALTER VIEW script - triggers are now included
- Fixed DDL extraction for UNIQUE INDEX
- Fixed DDL extraction for NUMERIC(x, 0) types
- Fixed problem with selection becoming invisible on Linux/Gtk
- Main tree view now behaves consistently on both double-click and
Enter pressed
- Fixed minor UI glitches

A note for Linux users:

Binary packages are now provided for various Linux
distribution. The project provides .tgz packages for
Slackware, and contributors provide .deb for Debian and
Ubuntu and .rpm for Mandriva. That .rpm is probably usable
on other .rpm based distributions like SuSE, RHEL and Fedora.

Generic binary .bz2 package is no longer provided. However,
you can use the Slackware .tgz package in the same manner.
Just unpack its contents into your root (/) directory.

Homepage and download: