Subject [ANN] Tech Solutions Releases Firebird Metadata Synchronizer v1.0
Author Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions Inc., Scottsdale Arizona USA based computer software
developers, release Firebird Metadata Synchronizer (FMS) software.

Tech Solutions are proud to announce the availability of Firebird Metadata
Synchronizer (FMS), a Windows utility that allows software developers & DBAs
working with the open source Firebird SQL database, a simple and inexpensive
way to migrate database changes from server to server. Retailing at $US
39.00, FMS is an inexpensive solution to the problem of revising system DDL

Developers using Firebird SQL databases are likely to have different
versions of a database DDL for their applications as they move from
Development to Test and Test to production. And if you have to replicate
the DDL into multiple different versions or deployments of your database,
the process is even more complex. Keeping up with the version differences
from database to database can be a nightmare. FMS provides you a simple way
to identify a source and target database. It will compare the source to the
target and identify the differences between them. And with a simple one
click Update facility, the target DDL can be made the same as the source.

Releasing updates can be a nightmare for any organization, but by using FMS
the developer or DBA can be assured that databases have proper configuration
management, and that changes made in a development version are correctly
propogated to test and production databases. Quickly and reliably. And
that the data stored in the target database isn't affected by these changes,
so you don't have to do a complete reload of the data in the target database
to simply update new tables, columns, stored procedures, etc.

FMS runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista systems. It has been tested
with Firebird 1.5 and 2.0 servers on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating

A 7 Day Trial is available for download for FREE at Tech Solutions' web
site. Easy ordering through the Tech Solutions OnLine ordering system is
available for this product at

For more information on FMS, visit the FMS product page at: