Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Re: Digest Number 461
Author Milan Babuskov
Myles Wakeham wrote:
> Its not fair to burden the thousands of people

There are only 823 subscribers.

> who subscribe to this group
> on Yahoo with support questions on a commercial product.

Why? The group's description reads:

"In this forum you can watch for third-party tools, announce your tools
and participate in testing."

AFAIU, I'm participating in testing of your third-party tool. In fact, I
was planning to put a notice on my website that this mailing list can be
used to discuss my FBExport and FBCopy tools. If I'm wrong, I hope the
moderator of this list will tell me soon.

> So go to our
> forums at and post there. Our forum software will
> email you

Meaning I have to subscribe and leave my e-mail. I already have too much
mailing lists and stuff to handle.

> I don't see all the product support questions for IBExpert, EMS IBManager,
> etc. here. They are commercial products and provide their own support
> through their forums. We are no different.

Well, ok. In the end, I just wanted to let you know that your product
does not install properly on Windows 98. I don't plan to use it anyway
as there are enough freeware products that do the job and already work
on Windows 98. Nevermind.

During all this time, you could at least write: our product does not
support Windows 98 or "it works for us, check your system" or something
like that, so I'm leaving this fruitless discussion now.

Milan Babuskov