Subject Re: Digest Number 461
Author Myles Wakeham
> If I post the question at forum, that would mean that I need to
> look for
> answers there, which in turns mean I either have to
> a) subscribe
> b) check every few days
> I don't want to do neither of that. At least, not until I know
> product
> is worth something.

Its not fair to burden the thousands of people who subscribe to this group
on Yahoo with support questions on a commercial product. So go to our
forums at and post there. Our forum software will
email you as you get responses on that forum so you can return and review
your answers - you don't have to continue go there to check for responses.

I don't see all the product support questions for IBExpert, EMS IBManager,
etc. here. They are commercial products and provide their own support
through their forums. We are no different.


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