Subject ANN: IB LogManager 2.7.0 has been released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello everybody,

Upscene Productions is pleased to announce IB LogManager 2.7.0,
a popular logging/auditing suite for InterBase and Firebird.

This release includes full support for Firebird 2.0 and other
enhancements and bugfixes.

Changes in this release:

A factsheet for IB LogManager can be found here:

There are also some "get in touch" flash movies available.

So, if you have never heard about IB LogManager or if you are fearly new
to our IB LogManager product line, then they might get you started more
efficiently. Even experienced IB LogManager users might benefit from the
following demos. If you want to give IB LogManager a try yourself, then
feel free to download a trial version.

It makes sense to watch them in the following order (watch the wrap!):

Preparing a database (~5:35 min)

Logging schema definition (~8:10 min)

Browsing log data (~12:40 min)

Productivity tools (~5:23 min)

IBLMPump utility (~16:07 min)

IBO Global DML caching (~8:57)

Upgrade notice: The update is free for registered customers.


Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
LogManager Series - Logging/Auditing Suites supporting
InterBase, Firebird, Advantage Database, MS SQL Server and
NexusDB V2
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