Subject New DBManager Standard Edition 3.2.1
Author COS
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Standard Edition.
This is a bug fix with some new features and improvements.
New Features and Improvements

a.. Better support for SQlite Unicode databases
b.. Now the Freeware Edition can load as many servers as available (1
Database Engine Only)
c.. Added ContextMenu for Default Servers
d.. Implemented AutoConfigureServers on first run
a.. crash when connecting to Workgroup when no catalog is opened
b.. View Selected and Double Clicked in Objects Bar generated error
c.. SQL Designer (Failed to added [View])
d.. Firebird/Interbase not have autoinc on table designer
e.. Procedure Builder was acumulating error messages on compilation
f.. Server Manager didn't show default database
g.. Server Manager Loosing some parameters when editing an existent
h.. several memory leaks
i.. MySQL CreateIndex (missing columns quote)
j.. Table Properties correctly shows foreign keys (PKTable was
As requested by our users we have added a 20 day trial period, when you can
test all the features available in the Standard Edition. After the period
expires the application is automatically moved to Freeware Edition and you
can choose which engine to use when the application starts. The registration
is optional and at a very small fee.

The new version is now available in our Downloads Center at

What is DBManager Standard Edition?

DBManager Standard Edition is a Windows application for database management.
It includes all the basic objects management, which is suitable for all
beginners. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQlite and
DBF Tables. For a complete list of features and screenshots please check

Best Regards,

DBTools Software